Mapping the 2020 US presidential election results

~Intro to web mapping

This is my first attempt at creating interactive web maps. For this exercise, I worked with election data and tried two different formats.

Both maps are interactive and showcase the same data.

Both maps show data at a county level. Election maps should be easily readable, nuanced and accurate. The New York Times wrote in great detail about the merits of different kinds of election maps in a November 2016 piece.

This first map is a choropleth, famously called a heatmap. Such maps are used most commonly to show election results, climate change and weather-related storiea.

While it's easy to see patterns in such a map, it's just as easy to miss the nuances. Let's try another one!

The second is a graduated point map.

While this is a tad more nuanced; the problem here is that areas with more population (represented with bigger dots) take over smaller ones.

Tools used:

For the base map, I designed a template on MapBox

The data was processed in Python on a Google Colab notebook.