Personal Projects

Some of my select projects

  • Scraping newsrooms' styleguides
    I built a database of five newsrooms' styleguides— BBC, BuzzFeed, NPR, Reuters and The Guardian. The intention was to compare how different words and phrases are used by different publications. I presented the project at NICAR 2022 in Atlanta.
    This project's live link is currently broken. I'm working to fix it though!😅

  • This website
    This website has gone from being a Wix project to being built on Bulma and now on SvelteKit, with a couple versions in between built with my own basic CSS styling. I've learnt a lot along the way!

  • What can data tell us about city employees' payroll?
    Analyzed a database of all New York City employees from open data, to look at which agencies were spending the most on overtime pay, among other things.

  • Scraping properties' data
    Built a database of property transactions in two neighborhoods to analyze real estate market. This project is a work in progress.

Currently working on:

Improving this website + building some cool maps!